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Terms of Service The point is that it is possible in blackjack to get more in comps than your theoretical loss. If you add the value of find more the comp to the 99.5% return you can expect by playing perfect basic strategy, then it’s possible to gain a slight monetary edge over the casino. But you must, at the minimum, play perfect basic strategy and always ask the pit boss for a comp (don’t expect them to hand you a comp, always ask). Online blackjack is all about knowing what is happening and what has happened. You need to know which cards have already been played and which are still available. You don’t know how to count cards, but keeping a clear focus on the game makes it more likely for you to succeed. A. By far it’s to avoid playing any blackjack game where an untied blackjack pays only 6-5, or worse, even money. Only play blackjack games where you are paid 3-2 for a blackjack.