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Under the right circumstances, VC can be a powerful accelerant for high-growth companies. However, entrepreneurs who pursue this route give up a portion of their profits and control. Whether to accept or pursue VC is one of the most important decisions a founder or leadership team will make. While this form of funding may not be right for every business, it could supercharge growth for the right company. Life insurance policies - A standard feature of many life insurance policies is the ownerrsquo;s ability to borrow against the cash value of the policy. This does not include term insurance because it has no cash value. The money can be used for business needs. It takes about two years for a policy to accumulate sufficient cash value for borrowing. You may borrow most of the cash value of the policy. The loan will reduce the face value of the policy and, in apple share price today the case of death, the loan has to be repaid before the beneficiaries of the policy receive any payment.