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Budget-friendly: A tray can contain 12 to 16 lines of eyelashes. Usually, we would use one line per client. The real amount will depend on the thickness of the lash extension and the type. Lash trays are one of the best packaging for the eyelash artist to be efficient and to work faster. The price is also budget-friendly since there are a lot of lashes in a tray. Let’s talk single lengths! Like the name suggests, it’s one length of lash in one tray. These can be useful if you have an influx of clients or if you’re a full time artist going through many trays. The benefits of single length trays are the ability to stock up on your most used lengths and have plenty of that length in one place. Of course, we know most lash sets now will vary with lengths so you can either use a mixed tray if you find you don’t need 20 rows of one lash type, or have a single length tray of Recommended website that variant handy as well.