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This game works well with any age and is an excellent way for kids to learn how to think outside the box! The more creative they get with their questions, the better chance they have at winning. Itrsquo;s also one of those games where you might learn fastest car in gta 5 ps3 something new! RacingSuggest description for this tag The single-player career mode is certainly one of the things that make this game shine. You can play as either the criminals or the cops — and both intertwine with the multiplayer modes. Moreover, there are tons of chases, races, and challenges with friends that even work cross-platform. We highly recommend it if you love in-depth story modes but don’t want to sacrifice high-quality multiplayer gameplay. With Gran Turismo 7, many things get a step up. With the all-loved Sports mode from GT SPort making a comeback, you now have to tune your cars to perfection and see how you fare against your friends. Race with your friend in custom real-time 24-hour races or just hang around at various real-life tracks. Or, if you’re feeling lucky you can show off your car collection and those sick liveries. there are also international championships to take part in and daily races to test your wits against other players including your friends. The choice is yours!