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Palladio's Under Eyes Disguise Concealer is botanically infused with coconut oil, aloe, apricot oil, chamomile, ginkgo ginseng. Use natural shades for everyday coverage, yellow for camouflaging dark circles, mint to neutralize redness and peach to minimize blue undertones and neutralize dark spots. CoverGirl is one of useful link our forever favorites, so any time we need a quick fix, picking up one of their formulas has never failed us. Their full-coverage concealer is no exception. Its all-day coverage means you can apply it and never think about it again, which, reallymdash;is there anything better? It's specifically designed to wear on the under-eyes so it can stand up to the darkest of dark circles and the puffiest of eye bags. With 30 shades available, the brand claims there's a 99 percent chance you'll find your match.